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28th Apr, 2016, Published by PU-Staff

Master’s in Business Administration is perhaps the most popular program among a lot of working professionals these days. Whether you are looking for a new job, or are looking for growth in your current job, an MBA from a renowned university is sure to improve your chances.

A majority of people within the age group of 25 to 35 years are opting for online MBA as it is not only easy to pursue but is extremely convenient. A number of universities such as the Pondicherry University offer a well thought-out and extensive program for students interested in going for an MBA program without attending regular classes. An online MBA is preferred by a lot of students as it is easy and convenient – all you need is a laptop and some coffee!

These universities provide a curriculum which is carefully designed so that it is relevant to the current scenario and enables students to gain extensive knowledge of the practical business world. Also, a number of online lectures are offered which provide students the opportunity to interact with teachers. This gives them the chance to get a feel of the regular MBA program and ensure that they do not miss out anything. These lectures also ensure that students can sit face-to-face with learned teachers and clear all their doubts, which may be difficult to do in a correspondence course.

MBA in marketing is the most sought-after specialization as it is a very dynamic and practical course and educates students about the psychology of customers and marketers. All sectors ranging from FMCG to IT look for diligent marketing professionals to devise effective brand building and marketing strategies for their firms. The online MBA program specifically prepares students for the real-world scenario and gives them enough practical exposure to train them for on-job environment. Also, marketing profiles are offered in a wide range of streams such as market research, brand management, sales etc. Students are well trained in all aspects and thus can apply for the job of their choice.

Among the different specializations available, an MBA in HR is also a very popular choice.. HR provides an opportunity for students to work on employment related tasks such as appraisals, training, recruitment interviews etc. and is a very rewarding and satisfying experience. So, take your pick and earn a valuable degree!

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