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MBA in Retail Management – As interesting as it gets!

28th Apr, 2016, Published by PU-Staff

A Master’s degree in business administration is much coveted both among employees and employers today, and most people planning to look for a job, or who aspire for a better one aim to earn one! Be it a fresh graduate or a working professional with 3-4 years of corporate exposure; every individual wants an MBA degree in order to enhance the growth of his/her career. A large number of universities aim to provide quality online education to a wide variety of diligent students with online distance learning courses in various streams. These universities cater to all those students who may not have been able to apply to regular programs due to time or fee constraints. Online courses make it possible for students from all walks of life to earn an MBA in HR, marketing, or any other stream of their choice easily at an affordable price.

A number of universities such as Pondicherry University offer the MBA program for all major specializations such as HR, marketing, finance etc. In addition to these, the university also offers a comprehensive course on MBA in retail management which is designed to groom managers for India’s rapidly expanding retail sector. This course gives the students a complete understanding of the business scenario in the retail environment of the country.

Given the huge demand of trained professionals in retail industry, reputed organizations such as Adidas, Puma etc. have started direct recruitment of students who have completed a course on retail management from reputed universities, making this course all the more relevant and attractive.

Thus, even though MBA in HR, marketing etc. may sound safe and stable; retail management opens a whole new world of possibilities for aspirants. Along with being very relevant for the current scenario, it is also a very intriguing and interesting area of management. The course outline under this specialization is designed in such a manner that you get adequate exposure to the industry and get a real-world experience of the retail sector. The project work required to be submitted are also focused on the same area and thus contribute significantly towards increasing students awareness about the sector.

Whether you want to open your own venture after you get your degree or just want a good job with a high-paying package, this online education course is perfect for both plans. In the coming years, MBA in retail management is sure to become one of the most sought after specialization under MBA – so think about it and get involved in retail!

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