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Is Doing An Online MBA Worth It?

14th Jun, 2016, Published by PU-Staff

A management degree in business administration is the most popular course after under graduation. With their effective leadership and communication skills, coupled with knowledge across diverse fields, MBAs are well suited in any industry.

There has been a paradigm shift in the educational sector. Technology has enabled taking classrooms to students and it is now possible to pursue any course of your choice from any university through online mode. In fact, online MBA has found a chunk of applicants; not only working professionals but also students who aspire to complete a double master’s degree in a span of two years.

Universities like Pondicherry University offer online MBA courses with specialisations like finance, marketing, global marketing, HR, risk management and rural management, to name a few.

There did exist a misconception that online MBA courses were inferior compared to full-time courses. However, this myth has been busted and with respect to the curriculum, online MBA students study the same content as students who attend MBA course at a regular college.

Low course fees is not the only factor attracting students towards online MBA courses. Flexibility is the greatest advantage offered by an online MBA course. Especially if you are employed and want to give a boost to your career, an online MBA is the best choice. You can study at your pace and convenience. You can also access course-ware at any time and can save a lot of time which would’ve otherwise been spent in commute.

With more and more admissions in online courses, organisations are displaying a positive approach towards holders of online MBA degrees. Organisations are pushing for their employees to earn more professional qualifications as it increases.

An online MBA is definitely worthwhile. Here are a few pointers before you enroll for an online program –

  1. Check the quality of the program offered. Make doubly sure that it carries due accreditation
  2. How is the course delivered? Podcasts, live feeds, or discussion boards
  3. Extent of interaction with faculty
  4. Flexibility offered

On online MBA is definitely the right choice in the current market, where professional qualification can kick-start your career and offer a chance of pay raise and career advancement.

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