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21st Apr, 2016, Published by PU-Staff

With individuals joining the workforce early in modern society, online courses have acquired a lot of recognition, both among students as well as employers. A large majority of the population is in favor of pursuing a distance learning postgraduate program as it gives them the freedom to study and work according to their own personal schedule. Who wouldn’t want that?

However, it is very difficult to judge the credibility of various distance learning courses offered by universities. Students are quite skeptical of applying to a number of universities thinking that their programs will not pay the desired return and will not be recognized in the industry. The distance learning courses offered by a number of universities such as Pondicherry University put all these doubts to rest as all the academic courses offered by them are duly recognized by the UGC, Association of Indian Universities, Distance Education Council (DEC), New Delhi.

Moreover, the distance learning courses at all credible universities are managed by their respective distance education departments. The Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) at Pondicherry University is a renowned body which is respected throughout the country. It is known for its impeccable ways of conducting operations and has always provided hassle free, quality education to its students. In order to give the best possible learning to the students, regular Personal Contact Programs (PCP) are also arranged by the university, which ensure that although the program is not a regular classroom one; students pursuing online courses get proper guidance from excellent teachers in the university.

Exams are conducted every 6 months for students of distance learning programs. These exams are organized by the DDE itself, and all rules and regulations are set by them after careful analysis. The degree received by the students is recognized among both public and private sectors and helps in building stable and successful career for numerous students. Moreover, students pursuing distance MBA have received excellent placements with highly satisfactory packages, enabling them to establish a strong footing in the industry of their choice.

Distance learning courses are fast emerging as a preferred option among students looking for a post graduate degree in marketing. The online courses available at Indian universities provide valuable experience for the students and act as a stepping stone for their careers. A distance MBA is an excellent value-add to any resume!

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