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1st Mar, 2017, Published by PU-Staff

There comes a defining moment in our life when we make life changing decisions.  Once you’ve made the life changing decision of pursuing higher education, Pondicherry University will make it happen for you. Pondicherry University is a school of distance education offering a wide variety of MBA courses with best facilities. We realise that not everyone will fit into the traditional model of education. Thus the university caters to the unique and diverse needs of our students by providing them with an opportunity to take a bigger step through our distance education programs.

The University has renowned faculty who have carefully designed the course curriculum keeping in mind the market trends and industry demands. There has been an unrelenting incorporation of technology into education and helping aspirants’ achieve their desire for learning even amidst hurdles.

The course material is available to students physically as well as via electronic media. The university has taken a leap to even provide the course material to students at their fingertips through Smartphone app, “Avagmah”. This ensures students have easy access to the study material whenever and wherever they need. In today’s technology savvy era where the world has been shrunk by the advents of technology, network technologies have made distance learning a lot more convenient.

Both synchronous, as well as asynchronous modes of imparting education are followed to help the students. Synchronous modes require all students to be present at a time and courses are imparted through video conferences, the web conferencing, live streaming with lecturers as well as in group discussion forms. Asynchronous modes give students more flexibility of access. The courses are imparted via emails, video recordings, printed materials, etc. Pondicherry University follows a combination of both the methods of teaching to provide maximum benefit to the students. Professors and guides are available for any doubt clearing or a one-on-one discussion over calls. Students can also avail the facility of live classroom sessions at a stipulated time.

Applicants with a degree, awarded by any recognised University can apply for the MBA courses at Pondicherry University. The MBA courses are for a span of two years and the MBA fees structure can be chosen from full payment or semester-wise payment mode. The University also ensures students are not just knowledgeable but also industry ready with a series of programs like motivational talks by industry stalwarts, industry visits, group discussions with industry experts, etc.

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