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Distance Learning Programs – Easy on the Pocket, Excellent on the Resume

21st Apr, 2016, Published by PU-Staff

The most important factor for any distance education program is the fees. A large number of people avoid going for regular classroom programs as they have a hefty fee. A number of universities have a very well-established distance education program in place, which is appealing not only because it is logistically viable, but also because it is extremely affordable. The universities keep in mind that students applying to these courses are conscious of the price of the entire program and thus the fees of all these distance learning courses have been carefully analyzed, calculated and been kept to a minimum.

The fees of distance learning programs vary according to the particular course that a student is opting for. For BBA and B.Com. Programs, for example. The fee for the entire program can amount to a total of Rs. 9,975. The BA course in Hindi and Sanskrit has the least fees among all programs, amounting to only Rs. 6,675. Distance MBA is perhaps the most popular program and at major universities such as Pondicherry University, the fee for the entire course is approximately Rs. 45,500, which is extremely affordable when compared to top-ranked universities throughout the country. This amount remains the same for most specializations; whether it be MBA in Finance or MBA in Marketing etc. However one wants to pursue MBA in Hospital Management, he/she will need to pay around Rs. 55,500.

A large number of people also join the distance MBA programs through the mode of lateral entry. The fee for lateral entry is also low when compared to the lateral entry programs of other colleges. Another major factor which distinguishes these programs is that all Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates are offered scholarships which are governed by the provisions set by the Government of India. This enables students from backward backgrounds to avail of a quality education without a lot of hassle. Other underprivileged students are provided with a 50 percent concession on their fee for the entire program.

Distance education has the potential to up-skill professionals from all segments of society, not only because it is easy on the pocket, but also because it brings the classroom to people who are unable to reach the classrooms themselves. Affordable, accessible and effective, distance MBA programs are the way forward for a growing skilled workforce.

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