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Conventional education system in India and its aftermath

24th Sep, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*Education in India is linear in nature. Look back at your years of learning – at school and college, you notice that education did not leave too much time to do anything else. In the conventional mode, students are expected to come to school/college, attend classes/lectures. And the day ranges from six to eight hours. […]

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Effective learning for a better life

22nd Sep, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*Every day is filled with newness, and chances are, if we pay attention, we learn something new, each day. And it makes us better than who we were the day before. In that sense, learning is continuous. We learn from people around us, from the mistakes we make and if we are lucky, then, from […]

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Education brings out the hidden potential in you

10th Sep, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*Look around you, you are surrounded by people who bring different things to the table, whether you are at work, hanging out with friends or at home. Notice, how you work in tandem with those around you. That’s because each of you brings a unique aspect, a perspective that’s varying from yours. And that is […]

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An investment in knowledge never goes waste

3rd Sep, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*All of us are ambitious and we constantly work towards fulfilling those ambitions. That first job, that first salary, that first promotion – is always special. Yet, as we get ‘settled’ in our work, we get more sedate. We become more risk-averse and we continue to ‘play safe’ because a steady pay cheque at the […]

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Distance Education leads you to Success

14th Aug, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*Education is a privilege. For several decades now, there have been efforts to democratise education. Distance education is one such effort to bring in an equilibrium. Making education accessible for those who cannot take up the on-campus courses. The methodology of distance learning involves distribution of text books and a couple of contact classes where […]

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5 ways how Online Education can change your life

7th Aug, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*All education is life changing. Here we make a case for online education, and how it can change your life. We list out 5 reasons It disciplines you Sure, you have a full plate running between home and work, and you run like a well-oiled unit. Squeezing anything else into this packed schedule may appear […]

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Appearing in an Interview: 5 tips to get it right

1st Jun, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*Appearing for a job interview is akin to appearing for an exam. And there’s no cheat-sheet available. However, one can ace their job interview without turning grey. While there’s an exhaustively long list that can be drawn to point out how to do it right, we’ll list out 5 tips to ace the interview. If […]

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5 tips to help you win your boss over

25th May, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*Reflect on this – you are in class trying to impress your teacher, or your parents by acing tests and being an all-rounder. We, humans, are wired to think and act a certain way. In fact, you will find several instances in your own life that point at how you worked to impress someone. Parents, […]

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How to bring your best to the workplace?

7th May, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*Ever felt the day drag you down at the workplace? Or noticed that skip to your step when you are fully charged and feeling great, overall? Surely, opposite reactions but we all oscillate between upbeat and low feelings, at the workplace. While it’s scary to feel the former each and every day you swap your […]

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MBA – a saviour for growing economies

6th Jan, 2015, Published by PU-Staff

-+*Most graduates gravitate towards an MBA degree and often, one wonders at this obvious choice. But, if reports are to be believed, it is one of the best courses to enroll in, as more companies are looking to hire MBA’s across industries. In early 2014, a global survey of employers revealed that: “80% of business […]

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